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Have you ever faced the open sea in a place which name sounds like a poem, and suddenly felt how the beauty of this world overwhelms you and touches you so deeply that your whole life seems to hang by the thread of this magical moment? If you’ve already felt this longing for places you’ve never visited, if you also dream of compasses and wind roses, of great woods and of getting lost in unknown cities at dusk, you’re most welcome on this blog. Travels are my religion, a celebration of things transient and unheard of, and I want to praise the beauty of Earth and of the works of man.

Praise the Earth, and the marvelous fortuity of her formation amid dark wastelands without a face, praise waterfalls and volcanoes, dazzling horizons, lakes and moors, meadows and cracks in the rocks, abysses and shimmering meanders, gnarled trees and vanishing lines,  praise the sky and the sea, light and dark.

Praise the beauty of the works of man, because every journey is a pilgrimage to the lives we won’t be living.

I believe that every discovery, every encounter, every book, every vision creates new paths in our brain and in our heart, and pushes further the borders of our world. Each life is a planet we haven’t yet explored. Life is so short, and the world is so wide. Every travel stands for a unique grain of sand in the hourglass of our lives, that I need to grasp and share, before it fades away. “Come with me, I want to show you something”: no other sentence could please me more. Come with me if you like, we’re sailing away.

The three versions of this blog, which is written (all by myself) in French, English and German, are completely independent from one another. Don’t hesitate and check out the other versions, where you will discover new destinations and new pictures.

All pictures are my own, unless stated otherwise.

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About me

I was born in 1989 in Provence, and I cherish joy and beauty everywhere I can find them, on the shores of my native Mediterranean sea or in the faraway lands I fly to, whenever I can. As a child, I was very lucky to be raised by travel-addicted parents, who passed on their passion to me. Now I escape all the time from regular life, going close or far, I drive for hours through unknown landscapes or I flee by sea, in the air, or in my own memories.

In real life, when I let go anchor, I’m a writer and a scholar passionate about Romanticism. I have published books in French under the name Ariane Fornia (Dieu est une femme, Denoël, 2004 ; La déliaison, Denoël, 2005 ; Dernière morsure, Robert Laffont, 2007) and I am currently working on a novel set in foreign islands, which will be published by Jean-Claude Lattès. I have received a PhD in German Philology for my thesis on the romantic poet Novalis, and my research interests focus on Romantic literature in German, French and English. Three languages and cultures have shaped my world, and this is why I have chosen to write this blog in French, English and German.

I have contributed to various media and there’s nothing I love more than to write and speak about the places I’ve seen and the cultures I’ve become familiar with. If you wish to know more about my work, please contact me: [email protected].

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