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Itinera Magica is a travel blog meant to capture the beauty of the world and the transient magic of meaningful, special moments. It will take you all over the globe to praise Earth’s wonders and the secrets of the human heart. Life is short and the world is wide, so come with me, there’s something I’d like to show you.

Going to Up Helly Aa : true Viking experiences in Shetland-

Have you filled your childhood dreams with sails flapping in the Northern wind, Vi...

7 February 2017    /    

Austrian Alps: the perfect winter trip!-

Have you considered putting Austria on your bucket list already? People planning t...

27 December 2016    /    

Secret sand beaches on the French Riviera-

  Taking a trip along the French Riviera, France’s gorgeous southern coast...

15 December 2016    /    

Venice, a love story-

Venice – I don’t need to say another word, you already know. The name w...

13 March 2016    /    

Waves, waves, waves! all around the world-

This is the story of my undying love for waves and the sea, and of how I failed at...

24 January 2016    /    

Cassis, a childhood dream on the French Riviera-

Is there a place in the world that you can see when you close your eyes, that you ...

4 December 2015    /    

On the edge of the old world: Portugal’s coastline-

If Europe were a ship, then Portugal would be its bow. Long and narrow, as if its ...

25 November 2015    /    

A walk on the wild side: mountains of Provence-

Do you also think of crisp air and high peaks when you hear "Provence", or only of...

13 November 2015    /    

Barren hearts in Death Valley’s inferno-

A day in Death Valley - fascinating desert experiences in California I hadn’t t...

7 November 2015    /